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Your Average Shot vs. Your Perfect Shot

Recently, I have played with some friends and students in the 5-20 handicap range, which is where I am sure a lot of you live.

If I asked you how far you hit your 6-iron, what would you say? Realistically, how many times out of 100 do you hit it that distance? 10? 15? So, after observing and watching my friends and students come up short again and again, I did some digging.

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Map Your Game!

Fittings don't always require a new set of golf clubs.  In this example the golfer did not purchase any clubs and had all clubs in their bag tested, measured and adjusted during 1 hour fitting session with Trackman.

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Bring On The Golf Season! Oh wait my back hurts!

That time of the year has come again! The days get longer, the sun is almost hot enough to give off some warmth and we start seeing advertisements about the Masters Tournament! Spring is here and the golf season is starting!

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Loft Down 

I have a lot of theories about golf because in all honesty, it takes up a majority of my thoughts and brainpower (it sounds like I’m complaining, but I love it). There’s one that I have told to a few great coaches and players that always gets the nod.

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Understanding the WHOLE Golfer

Most people seem to separate the idea of taking a lesson, and getting a fitting for clubs. Recently I had the opportunity to learn from one of the best Fitters and coaches in the industry. Michael Neff seems to be way ahead of the game. The GEARS 3D technology that he uses helps to analyze the golfers swing, and the equipment. By focusing on both these aspects he is able to make sure that the golfer has a swing and the equipment that work together.

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