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Where did the term Shotgun Start come from?

You may have taken part in a golf tournament which was referred to as a “shotgun start”.  Many golfers have wondered why the term “shotgun” for a tournament!  In the December 2004 issue of Golf Digest it was reported that at a golf tournament in Walla Walla, WA in the month of May 1956 golfers were at their tee boxes waiting to start their round, the head professional at the time Mr. Jim Russell fired off a shotgun to sound the start of the tournament.

Since then there have been thousands of golf tournaments each year that are now referred to as a “shotgun.”  While most golf courses do not use a shotgun anymore to start the tournament, players have gotten use to the sound of air horns; however, at Morgan Creek Golf Course we reflect on the past and keep it original by using a CIL Model 402 shotgun to start all of our events, with blanks of course.

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A Feel for "Feel"

It’s the first to abandon ship, “Feel”. Over the winter with lack of play and a drastic change in the conditions, those “feel” type shots are difficult. What you have in the summer or even after repeated play and/or practice, is a feel for the shot you are about to hit.

“Feel”, in most regards lies heavily in its connection to memory and experience.

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Why Do Golf Courses Have A Frost Delay

For golf courses that are open all year long we sometimes run into a drop in the temperature overnight causing frost to form on the fairways and putting greens.  Some golf courses choose to continue regular play whereas some courses choose to implement a ‘Frost Delay" or play on Temporary Greens. When the golf course runs a frost delay this normally pushes back all the tee times until the ground has warmed up enough to melt the frost.  If frost on the course is ignored and regular play commences it will cause damage to the playing surface and makes the grass susceptible to disease and weeds.

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Pace of Play Issues In Golf

In light of the recent ‘Slow-Play’ penalty assessed to amateur golfer Tianlang Guan, who is 14 years old from China we only see it apparent that we should look into the issue that is slow play.  For years everyone has been talking about slow play and how to combat it.

From a competitive perspective penalties should be applied once the group and/or individual have been given a warning.  Let’s have a look at the official ruling.

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How To Get More Distance Off The Tee

A question that is asked of me at least once a day is…“how do I hit it farther?” The answer is simple. Distance comes from a combination of club head speed and quality of contact.

I have 3 keys to power and distance that will amp up your biggest swings.

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