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High Performance Programs


What is the “Bridging The Gap” Coaching Program all about?

To increase the Athlete’s awareness of the Learning and Performance Zones, simply ”Bridging the Gap” between the level of focus and intensity in Practice and the pressures of Tournament Play.  Using a Tour-Proven Approach, the Athlete’s comprehensive Performance Plan will incorporate formative assessments with Performance Testing Benchmarks and Stats Analysis, encouraging athletes to reflect and then direct the next steps of their training development.

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Why do we have 90-minute Coaching Sessions?

90-minute Coaching Sessions simply allow the coaches more time to enhance the athlete’s Technical and Performance Practice skills on a regular basis. Approximately 45 minutes will be spent learning or refining a skill and 45 minutes will be spent on performing that skill in a Performance Practice environment.

What is the meaning of Performance Practice?

Performance Practice is a well-defined type of practice that is purposeful and systematic. It requires focused attention and is conducted with a specific goal, and involves immediate feedback, taking the athlete beyond their comfort zone. Practice Like You Compete!

Coached by Brett Saunders, Director of Coaching and Development, PGA of Australia and PGA of Canada "Class A" Member.  Some of Brett's past and present students include...

45 Professional WINS including the PGA Tour, Web.com Tour, PGA Tour China, PGA Tour Canada, Japanese and Asian Tours.
Over 275 Junior & Amateur WINS including NCAA, NAIA , AJGA, Golf Canada, BC Golf, and CJGA.

And Scott Rodgers, Lead Professional Coach, PGA of Canada "Class A" Professional.  Scott's accomplishments include 2014 Coach of the year, 2007 PGA of BC Assistant Professional of the year, and Winner of 17 professional tournaments.

Contact Brett Saunders today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3500 Morgan Creek Way, Surrey, B.C. V3Z 0J7