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Winter is Coming!

With the temperature dropping, the nights becoming longer and the rain soon to be upon us, it is increasingly hard to get out to the course and practice. What can you do from home to hit better shots and shoot your best rounds come spring?

There is a strong argument that winter is the best time for a swing change. If you are to see one of our professionals or are seeing one already, slow swings at home with a mirror and without a ball actually makes the change easier. You will react to positions in your swing rather than the ball flight. Because when it comes to adjustments, you can sometimes make a good swing and not hit a great shot!

You can also work on your short putting. By buying a putting mat, putting a bottle of water on the ground or putting a mug on the carpet, you can work on being confident with those short putts. Let’s not play your first round in March being super hopeful you make 3 footers.

I hope this helps you get over the winter blues! If you want to improve your golf game even more than hitting short putts on your carpet, come see one of us at Morgan Creek!
-Jonnie Motomochi
3500 Morgan Creek Way, Surrey, B.C. V3Z 0J7