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Your Average Shot vs. Your Perfect Shot

Recently, I have played with some friends and students in the 5-20 handicap range, which is where I am sure a lot of you live.

If I asked you how far you hit your 6-iron, what would you say? Realistically, how many times out of 100 do you hit it that distance? 10? 15? So, after observing and watching my friends and students come up short again and again, I did some digging.
Trackman posted this picture in a blog post. AMA stands for the Average Male Amateur, which according to the article, is between a 14 and 15 handicap. How many shots are past the target in this picture?

In fact, Trackman reported that if this dispersion was moved up 10 yards, golfers would hit the imaginary green almost 6% more and hit it almost 12 feet closer on average.

Put your ego away, love your average shot instead of your perfect shot and watch your scores lower without changing anything with your technique.
-Jonnie Motomochi 
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