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Understanding the WHOLE Golfer

Most people seem to separate the idea of taking a lesson, and getting a fitting for clubs. Recently I had the opportunity to learn from one of the best Fitters and coaches in the industry. Michael Neff seems to be way ahead of the game. The GEARS 3D technology that he uses helps to analyze the golfers swing, and the equipment. By focusing on both these aspects he is able to make sure that the golfer has a swing and the equipment that work together.

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Winter is Coming!

With the temperature dropping, the nights becoming longer and the rain soon to be upon us, it is increasingly hard to get out to the course and practice. What can you do from home to hit better shots and shoot your best rounds come spring?

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Do Not Become a Typical Range Rat

What does a Typical Range Rat do when he / she practices?

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On the Course - It’s Not Always About the Score

It’s that time of the year. When the days get shorter, the temperature isn’t quite shorts weather anymore, and most of all we don’t have as much time to sneak in that extra 18 holes after work during the week.
So how can we keep our game fresh in the off season? If you aren’t the kind of person to hit a lot of balls at the range, here is a suggestion of how you can keep your whole game sharp and be ready for the spring season!

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The Second Putt Mindset

All golfers have had the frustrating experience of having their momentum stalled in a round by an untimely 3-putt caused by rolling their first putt by the hole a bit too firmly, leaving them a come-back second putt an uncomfortable distance, usually between about 3 to 6 feet.

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