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New Sous Chef Joins the Team

We are pleased to announce that we have a new member of the Food and Beverage team in the restaurant.
Tom Lane is a 20 year Red Seal chef that has joined us and will be overseeing our restaurant culinary program.

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Golf Tip - Develop a Plan

Most of the best players in the world start each season with a clear idea of the priority areas of their game they would like to improve.  They then develop a plan to focus on the key elements of their swing or short game that need the most attention.This same concept can be very beneficial for the recreational player.

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We're So Close to Opening

We are extremely excited as we are getting close to opening the Morgan Creek Performance Centre in the coming weeks! Featuring industry-leading technology for Coaching and Fitting for full-swing and putter in three separate Studios, it will most assuredly get the dedicated golfer excited as well! 

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Raising Our Own Trees

Within the last couple of years, landscape trees and shrubs have been increasing in cost, largely because of our dollar. Many growers are now exporting our commonly used trees and shrubs down to the States. When we see this kind of trend it usually sticks around for many years. As a company, Morgan Creek is always looking to save a bit of money without cutting our overall course conditioning. This year we are trying our hand at raising our own tree stock.

There is a spot on the golf course that is relatively vacant, beside the eighteenth pond, which we have designated an area where we can raise our own seedlings. Currently, we have planted 80 Emerald hedge cedars and 20 Excelsa cedar trees. These trees are commonly used around our property. They are all planted in aeration cores which are also recycled from our course aeration. This tree nursery is a minimal investment for a decent gain expected in 2-3 years.

We are excited to do more of these types of things to improve our sustainability and we look forward to what the future brings.

-Alan A
Golf Course Superintendent