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How Can You Utilize Your FREE Lesson! 

Take the plunge this fall, learn something about the game and get an extra 20 minutes added to your Free Lesson! (Bonus Offer valid only with Leila)
If you’ve been a Players club member for a few years now, you may have been collecting those Free Lessons, not quite sure what to do with them. If you are busy like the rest of us and just want to use golf time to play I understand that maybe you are reluctant to use the lesson.

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Meet Your Golf Pro - Leila Harman

I think it’s important that you know your pro. Whether you are a student or someone who plays regularly and we say hello it’s always nice know a bit about your pro and their life.

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Battling with YouTube Instruction

I have had many people come to me lately saying they go down the YouTube rabbit hole for their golf instruction. I’m not against it but you better know your swing and you better be aware of what is good and bad for you.
And most don't.

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How Can You Actually Help Your Golfing Partner: Once and for all discussing the myths of the swing

I am fortunate enough to have been a golf instructor for over 16 years. I have worked at 4 facilities both on the island and on the mainland. Regardless of where I have been teaching, what level of golfer, or gender I have had the conversation about the “myths” of the swing.

I call them myths, because they are so widely spread and so misunderstood that I think it is time we discussed the dreaded, Keep your head down, and keep your left arm straight concepts.
You can admit it now, that either you or someone you played with has told a friend to just “keep their eye on the ball” or said your left arm is bending in the swing. These are my two favourite things to explain, especially in group lessons.

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Playing Practice Rounds for Tournaments

In lieu of the BC Junior Amateur and the BC Amateur just being played as well as the upcoming Canadian Junior Amateur and Canadian Amateur, I thought a good topic of conversation was how to play a practice round for a tournament.
In my seven years of coaching, I have spent a lot of time thinking (probably too much time) about the proper way to play practice rounds. My conclusion is there are many ways, however, here are few aspects that you must be prepared for:

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