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March 2024 Spring Greens Update

Many of you may know that golf courses in our region have faced challenges with the onset of spring. Our area, along with the entire province, experienced unusually high temperatures during the late fall and early winter months, leading to significant damage to our greens when unexpectedly cold weather hit. The extreme cold, especially with wind chill factors reaching -15, caused severe drying of our greens, which hadn't properly acclimatized to the cold due to the abrupt temperature drop. Typically, plants gradually accumulate sugars and harden in anticipation of winter, but the quick onset of cold prevented this natural process. Additionally, our greens are mainly composed of Poa Annua grass, which is less resilient compared to bentgrass greens.

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Poa: Friend Foe or Frenemy?

Are you familiar with terms like Poa and Bentgrass? Let's delve into the composition of the turf species at Morgan Creek's greens, and you might even pick up some Latin terminology along the way.

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Dynamic Pricing arrives at Morgan Creek Golf Course.

We hope you're doing well and are eager to hit the fairways. Today, we're excited to announce a significant enhancement to your golfing experience: the introduction of Dynamic Pricing for public tee times in early February 2024.

What is Dynamic Pricing?

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Honoring Tom Doull: The Jeff Ciecko Fore Seasons Golf Professional Award

In golf, an award stands out as a symbol of dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to the sport. The Fore Season Golf Professional Award, presented by the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada – British Columbia Chapter, is a prestigious accolade that recognizes an individual who has played a pivotal role in every facet of golf's growth, development, planning, and goodwill within the province.

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BC Enters Step 3 of the Restart Plan

As BC enters Step 3 of the Restart Plan we want to thank you for the support over the past 16 months, our Members, Guests and the employees of Morgan Creek Golf Course have helped keep this a safe and healthy business.

With the announcement from Dr. Bonnie Henry and the BC Government on June 29th, the current Health Order has ended on June 30th, 2021. What does this mean at Morgan Creek Golf Course?

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