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Surprise on 13

This year was a different year for our native wildflower species coming in around the golf course! We normally see a domination of purple Lupine and some Oxeye Daisy surrounding some of our ponds, like 12 and 13. We flail mow all open areas surrounding homes, pond edges and fescue on the course starting in the spring and continuing through to the fall.

Morgans Restaurant Reopening to Dine In on June 3rd. 

We are excited to announce that Morgans Restaurant and Wine Bar will be reopening for dine in service on Wednesday, June 3rd.  

At this time the restaurant will only be open Wednesday thru Sunday.  Curbside ordering will also be available.

Starting Monday, June 29th the restaurant will be open seven days a week. 

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Be Creative and Make Golf Fun at Home - With Ray Kwok

Every year for the last 15 yrs I've been teaching golf to kids in a variety of settings (practice range, golf course, indoor gyms and even in the banquet room when the weather wasn't cooperating). Here are some creative ideas for you parents to play golf at home with your kids (w/o breaking any furniture or your neighbors window of course).

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The Essential Thinking Basics

Keys to A Solid Pre-Shot Routine

Don’t try and eliminate thoughts, reduce their impact by OWNING YOUR PROCESS!

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Vijay's Bomb Beef Curry Recipe

We all have a little extra time on our hands, so why not learn another new recipe.  Chef Vijay Raj shares his yummy Beef Curry recipe for you to try at home.  

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