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Understanding the WHOLE Golfer

Most people seem to separate the idea of taking a lesson, and getting a fitting for clubs. Recently I had the opportunity to learn from one of the best Fitters and coaches in the industry. Michael Neff seems to be way ahead of the game. The GEARS 3D technology that he uses helps to analyze the golfers swing, and the equipment. By focusing on both these aspects he is able to make sure that the golfer has a swing and the equipment that work together.

I had a chance to use the technology and see my swing and how my equipment is working for or against me. It was amazing to see that most of the clubs these days are built too long and too upright for golfers. It has always been a trend that long is better, so the manufacturers are building clubs longer so the ball will fly further. But how is this affecting the lie angle?  
In my case I found out that some of my clubs were as much as 4 degrees too upright! That’s a lot! I also learnt that you may not need every club to be bent to the same degree, for example wedges will most likely need to be bent flatter than long irons. You could work on your swing for months and the club might be holding you back from seeing the results you want.

This year I personally have struggled with severe tendonitis in my left arm. Michael was able to diagnose the reason why almost instantly. Since our training I have been testing each club to make sure that it will have the correct lie angle and will allow me to swing it more easily without hurting myself.

I am always amazed how much there is to learn about the game. Fitting is something new to me. To be able to continue my education so I can use the technology that we have in the Performance Centre for so many different purposes is such a great feeling as a coach! I always look forward to expanding my knowledge of the game so I can continue to be a better coach for my students. With this new knowledge, I have already been able to help a few of my students answer some questions they have had about their games and equipment.

Sometimes it can be the equipment to blame!! Lets find out if your equipment is helping you achieve the goals you have set out for yourself!

If you have any questions about your equipment, or you are thinking that it might be a good idea to work on your swing this off-season our warm indoor studio is always here and we teach year round!
-Leila Harman
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3500 Morgan Creek Way, Surrey, B.C. V3Z 0J7