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Junior Golf Coaching

Junior Golf Coaching

Without the basic Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS), a child will have difficulty participating in any sport. Utilizing Canada’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) concepts throughout all our Junior Golf-Athlete Development Programs children are developed into athletes first and golfers second. Welcome to MCPGA Junior Golf-Athlete Coaching Programs!


What is Play2Learn?  Play2Learn is an effective and enjoyable format for all levels of golfers to learn how to play the game of golf.
Each golfer starts out at a level where the length of each hole in the 9-hole modified course is shortest, putting the emphasis on the development of the short game skills.  Once the golfer scores 36 or better for 9-holes, they progress to the next level, where the length of the holes get progressively longer, and the emphasis shifts more towards both the short game and long game skills.
The progressive nature of the Play2Learn Levels help the coach direct learning and prioritize skills in practice, and then let the players test their developing skills and scoring ability on the course.
The Play2Learn Program is a season long Private Coaching Package with a Limited Number of spaces.  The Full Year 10 month Long Program offers the Junior a chance to work on specific skills all season even in the late Fall and early Winter months to prepare them for the golfing season.   Spring and Summer Programs are also available on a limited basis. Starting in March and completing over the Summer Months.

Space is limited so that all students can join the Play2Learn Junior Series Nights and work towards passing levels.

2023 will also offer some Play2Learn Junior Skills Practice Sessions as well!

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for more information if you have a keen golfer Age 7 and above who has already shown interest in the game for a few years.


3500 Morgan Creek Way, Surrey, B.C. V3Z 0J7