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Loft Down 

I have a lot of theories about golf because in all honesty, it takes up a majority of my thoughts and brainpower (it sounds like I’m complaining, but I love it). There’s one that I have told to a few great coaches and players that always gets the nod.
If you are a younger junior golfer, or a parent, and you are thinking about playing elite golf at an older age, please DO NOT chip with more than a 56 degree and in fact, I’d even say 52 degree.
There are so many benefits. You have to be more creative and have great visualization, which is vital to elite chipping. You can become a good chipper and pitcher without these but you cannot become great. It actually helps your technique as well. When hitting all these shots, you learn to use different parts of the sole. When to use the bounce, when to use the leading edge, when to get your hands low and when to use the toe are all different types of shots you can hit while pitching and chipping.
Do not use a band-aid and give young kids a 60 degree. To enhance your young golfers creativity around the green, I'm begging you to try a less lofted club.  
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