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Performance Putting Studio at Morgan Creek Golf Course

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The putter… the most used club in the bag but the most overlooked part of the average golfer’s practice. Golfers around the world are using the technology available in today’s market to help analyze and improve their golf swing. However, when it comes to putting, we simply opt to buy another putter with little more than hope as to whether it will truly improve our putting performance. The question we ask our players is simple… do you know the difference between a good putt and a poor putt?

Without feedback on the launch conditions of each putt and developing a deep sense of creativity, perception, and feel, it becomes very difficult to answer this question. Allow our coaching staff to develop a personalized improvement plan combining both the art and the science of putting, resulting in LESS PUTTS and LOWER SCORES... PERIOD!

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With the Quintic Ball Roll and Biomechanics Analysis Software you can not only find which putter suits you best, but with ‘a bit of work’ you can be made aware that by improving your technique you can significantly improve your putting performance.


With efficient and effective delivery of the numbers describing how the ball was launched, how it spins and rolls, the Quintic System gives the PPS Coaching Team and the Player correct data to make an informed diagnosis on areas for improvement. It also helps to narrow the focus on key information for the Player to consider in his/her quest to gain insight into the difference between a good putt and a poor putt.


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