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The Essential Thinking Basics

Keys to A Solid Pre-Shot Routine

Don’t try and eliminate thoughts, reduce their impact by OWNING YOUR PROCESS!
  1. Gather Your Information & Data - USEFUL information | For Example: Lie, Yardage, Wind Direction, Slope, Pin Location, Identify your Green, Amber or Red Zone.
  2. Ask Yourself a Good Questions
    1. GOOD - Questions focus your attention and will assist in keeping your mind in the PRESENT
      • Full Swing - What is the shot? or What is my ball flight?
      • Short Game - Where is the landing spot?
      • Putting - What does the ball have to do to go in the hole?
    2. If you have practice swings as a part of your Pre-Shot Routine have them matching your question.
  3. Commit to YOUR Question and simply PRESS PLAY ►
Intrigued?  Have some questions?  Director and Coaching and Development, Brett Saunders is ready to help.  
Brett Saunders
Director of Coaching & Development
Morgan Creek Performance Golf Academy
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3500 Morgan Creek Way, Surrey, B.C. V3Z 0J7