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It seems like an odd couple right?  Callaway and Boeing; Golf and Aircraft!  But when you start to think about it, it's actually an amazingly perfect combination.  Boeing obviously specializes in aerodynamics and Callaway is looking for every possible way to increase club head speed.  With this partnership Callaway has created their most forgiving shape ever and Boeing made it fast with a re-engineered Speed Step.

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On January 14, 2015 Callaway Golf launched an all new family to their lineup.  Introducing the XR Family - Built for Outrageous Speed.

Speed is everything, and it’s the driving force behind the new XR driver. That means speed from an aerodynamic crown, speed from a RŸMOTO face, speed from maximum shaft load.  Callaway has traveled down a new path to make a driver that’s a proving ground for these great technologies.  If it increases speed, it’s in XR and that’s why it’s their fastest titanium driver ever.

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Callaway has officially launched their new XR Family.  The entire line up is "Built for Outrageous Speed."

First we will look at the XR Irons.  The first high speed, cavity back, cup-faced iron.

The XR is an iron built for speed.  Callaway Golf has taken the Cup 360 that’s redefined ball speed in fairway woods and brought it to their irons. The improved Cup 360 acts like a spring on shots hit low on the face, and increases ball speeds everywhere else on the face too.

This distance on these irons are just amazing, and that’s just the start. When you factor in the lower CG, all that forgiveness, the face flex of the Internal Standing Wave, along with the precise 2-piece, dual heat construction, you can see why Callaway wants to get these irons in your hands right now.

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Callaway Launches the all new Big Bertha V Series Driver

Callaway has officially launched the newest member of their Big Bertha lineup - the V Series Driver and Fairway Woods and boy are they hot - built for distance from lightweight materials, better aerodynamics and refined components, with a high MOI and OptiFit adjustability these clubs are all about speed.

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Roger Cleveland has spent alot of time in the bowels of the Callaway Performance Centre creating one of the finest, most refined wedges on the market.  Callaway Golf along with Roger Cleveland officially launched their Mack Daddy 2 Wedge today.

It’s pretty hard to take the top wedge on tour and make it better, but Roger Cleveland has done it.

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