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Callaway has officially launched their new XR Family.  The entire line up is "Built for Outrageous Speed."

First we will look at the XR Irons.  The first high speed, cavity back, cup-faced iron.

The XR is an iron built for speed.  Callaway Golf has taken the Cup 360 that’s redefined ball speed in fairway woods and brought it to their irons. The improved Cup 360 acts like a spring on shots hit low on the face, and increases ball speeds everywhere else on the face too.

This distance on these irons are just amazing, and that’s just the start. When you factor in the lower CG, all that forgiveness, the face flex of the Internal Standing Wave, along with the precise 2-piece, dual heat construction, you can see why Callaway wants to get these irons in your hands right now.

Features and Benefits of the XR Irons:


Revolutionary Ball Speed From Cup 360

The improved face cup technology acts like a spring on shots hit low on the face to increase ball speeds. The speed is higher at every other impact location on the face too.

Lower CG, More MOI and Ball Speed

The Internal Standing Wave is the ultimate team player. It’s refined the way that they lower CG, increased MOI and gives the face cup the freedom to flex for more ball speed.


New Construction And Shape

An iron built for speed needs a different level of refinement and attention, in this case a 2-piece construction that includes a dual heat treatment. It’s precise, meticulous craftsmanship that XR deserves.

XR Iron Specs

Don't purchase your clubs off the rack...Don't get fit into a net.  Contact one of our golf professionals today at 604-531-4653 to book yourself a custom fitting.


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