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The Germans call it glühwein. The French, vin chaud. In Croatia it is known as kuhano vino. In Nordic countries it is referred to as glögg, and in most English speaking countries we know it as mulled wine. What ever you call it the result is the same. Spiced red wine sometimes fortified with brandy or other spirits and served warm. This traditional winter drink is served the world over and is very popular at Christmas time when visiting with family and friends.

The main ingredients are red wine, sugar or honey and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and orange zest. Stronger spirits such as vodka, akvavit or brandy can be added if desired. White or rosé wine can be substituted if red is not to your liking. All ingredients are combined and heated to approximately 150-160 degrees. Be careful not to over heat or boil the mixture. Since alcohol evaporates at 172 degrees which is much lower than water you would be left with a non-alcoholic version of mulled wine and that defeats the purpose.

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When enjoying a bottle of wine with company, more often than not the bottle is consumed, eliminating the need to store the remainder for another day. But what if you want to enjoy a glass of wine and save the rest for a later date?How do you store the wine and how long will it last? The key to extending the shelf life is to remove or reduce the amount of oxygen in contact with the wine. Oxygen can be a double edged sword when it comes to wine. Open a bottle and let it breath for an hour and the wine can improve, leave it for a few days and it can turn to vinegar.

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