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College Golf Consulting with Jonnie Motomochi

JM College Golf Consulting (JMCGC) is 100% committed to the prospective student-athlete and THEIR pursuit of playing College Golf.  Aspiring junior golfers who are aiming to play NCAA golf will receive the highest level of professional guidance and personal support throughout every step of the recruiting process.  Prospective student-athletes that choose to partner with JMCGC will benefit from Jonnie's passion, expertise and the relationship that he has established throughout his personal 9-year journey as both a student-athlete and an NCAA division1 College Golf Coach.

How does JM College Golf Consulting Work?

Initially, we conduct an in-depth interview with both the Athlete and their Parents/Guardian to determine specific goals and to establish where the athlete is presently both athletically and academically.  utilizing your personalized "Total Game / NCAA Assessment' will provide a comprehensive plan outlining detailed strategies and recommendations.  
MJCGC will work with and continue to support efforts if the athlete guiding them through a proven Step-by-Step Placement Process.  Having a good rapport with a variety of college coaches across North America will allow us to introduce the athlete and their support team to college programs that may suit their skills and academic merits.  

Does this include tournament observation?

YES.  Although it is not necessary, observing an athlete under tournament conditions is very beneficial when completing an athlete's "Total game / NCAA Assessment."

Is this a coaching program?

No.  We will provide the highest level of guidance and support in the area of College Golf Placement.  We will work in partnership with the athlete, families and personal coaches to ensure results and so that the athlete's goals are achieved. 

Does this guarantee a golf scholarship?

No, but we will complete a detailed assessment of your situation and will guarantee to provide unconditional support to the athlete on and off the course throughout the entire recruiting process. Each client will be exposed tot he best opportunities so that they can pursue their goal of becoming a future collegiate student-athlete.  

College Golf Consulting Programs

1 Hour - $130
5 Hours - $645
10 Hours - $1245
Prospective Student-Athlete College Folder - $149
All College Golf Consulting Programs may include, but are not limited to:
  • Tournament Observation
  • Resume Building
  • Communication with College Coaches
  • SAT/ACT Sign-up
  • Setting Up and Travelling to College Campuses
  • Tournament Planning
  • Interactive Seminar Series
  • Assessing YOUR Situation

About Jonnie Motomochi

Jonnie’s success as a golfer at the Provincial, National and International stage, led him to earn a College Golf Scholarship to Oregon State University. During his College Golf career, he had much success including being named a two-time All-America Scholar, an Arthur Ashe Sports Scholar and the 2012 Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year.
After graduating, Jonnie realized his true passion was in coaching, and at that time he accepted the position as the Assistant Men’s Golf Coach of Oregon State University, where he made a tremendous impact on the continued growth of the Men’s Golf Program.
Combining Jonnie's expertise in college golf, his caring personality and ability to bring the best out of his students makes him a great addition to the Morgan Creek Performance Golf Academy.
  • 2013-2017 Assistant Golf Coach for Oregon State University
  • 2016 Master's in Business Administration (Oregon State University)
  • 2015-2017 Caddie - Mackenzie Tour Canada, Japan Golf Tour, Web.com Tour and LPGA Tour
  • 2008-2012 Student/Golf Athlete, Oregon State University - College Golf Scholarship
  • 2003 Youngest ever player to compete in the Canadian Amateur Championship
  • Represented Canada and British Columbia on the world stage multiple times
Looking to sign up or for more information?  Email Jonnie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 604-351-6868