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Brides-to-be spend countless hours selecting the most perfect wedding dress, but often overlook the importance of selecting the right jewelery to compliment that dress. Choosing the perfect necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings can be easy with some of the easy steps to follow.  

Selecting the Right Bracelet

To start off your bracelet search begin by measuring your wrist to find the bracelet that will fit you just right. As you will be shaking a lot of hands, and working your way around the dance floor most of the evening, you will want to find a bracelet that is not too loose or heavy on your hand.

Take a piece of string and pull it snug around your wrist, then mark the point where the two ends of the string meet. Then lay the string down against a ruler and note the length. Add an extra inch to the length measured and this is the length of bracelet you are looking for. Thin chain bracelets and strands of pearls are the two most popular styles that brides opt for and match almost any style of necklace or earrings.

Selecting the Right Necklace

When selecting the perfect necklace to match your wedding dress, it is best to begin by considering your neckline. Whether your dress has a V-neck, a round neck, or is strapless, will all influence the type of necklace that will look best with your dress. A strapless gown often flatters all type of bodies by showing off your neck and your shoulders. Accent this effect by choosing a necklace that hits you at your collarbone.

If your strapless gown is simple and understated do not be afraid to choose a bold, bulky necklace that will catch the eye and draw attention upward. If your wedding dress has a V-neck, or deep V-neck, neckline then a long pendant style necklace often looks best with style of gown. A simple, long chain with a medium-sized pendant or accessory at the end is sure to make a wonderful statement.

For highly stylized dresses, such as one shoulder or halter-neck gowns elect for a simple, choker-style necklace and focus more attention on your earrings or bracelet.

Selecting the Right Earrings

Aim to balance your earrings with your necklace. Most often simple diamond earrings look stunning on any bride. Both diamond studs and dangling, just-off-ear diamonds are the two most popular styles worn by brides. If your necklace is simple and you are looking for earrings that pop, consider long, drop earrings that just stop above your shoulder.

If you are opting for bold statement earrings be sure they are comfortable and not too heavy on your ears as you will be wearing them for many hours throughout the day. If you have several piercings in your ears, tradition suggests that you only wear earrings in one set of holes; however if you are going for a more funky, individual look do not be afraid to stick with what makes you most comfortable.


Thanks to Digby and Rose for the great tips.  If you're looking for some great selection rules to abide by you can read their full article here.  


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