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Wedding favors are always a nice touch for your guests.  Make sure when you’re deciding upon what favors you want to do that you consider the logistics of them. Are they something edible? Breakable? Large?  We have seen couples provide engraved stemless wine glasses as favors that they intended for their guests to use throughout the night, however there isn’t a place for their guest to wash the glasses unless they bring them to the bathroom which isn’t ideal.

If you still want to provide the stemless wine glass (for example) as a favor we would suggest wrapping it in cellophane for guests to take home and use.

From our experience favors that your guests can easily put in their purse and take home work best. Off Beat Bride has put together some pretty neat ideas on how to save money while putting together favors.  

Tip 1:
Head out after Christmas and look for sales. Look for discounted "gourmet" cookies. You can either use the cookies as-is on your table or pull them apart and repackage the presents. Last year I got twelve packs of Christmas crackers worth $35 for under $5 — that's less than fifty cents per favor. Or look for cheap chocolates (check they don't expire before the wedding date), candy and fudges.

Tip 2:
Look into stores that are going out of business and ask for a discount price on the last of all of one stock. I recently found ninety mini plaques with inspiring quotes on them for $1.50 each — down from $10 a piece! 

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