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Our fourth installment of our introduction to wine brings us to temperature at consumption as well as storage.  The cooler your wine is, the less smell you get from it and you will have a higher concentration of acidity and tannin. The opposite is also true, where warming it up brings about more aromas and a minimal acid or tannin texture.

Wine Styles and Temperatures

Light, Sweet
5 - 10°C
Sparkling 6 - 10°C 
Light, Dry 8 - 12°C
Sparkling Red 10 - 12°C
Medium Bodied Dry Whites 10 - 12°C
Full, Sweet Whites 8 - 12°C
Light Reds 10 - 12°C
Full, Dry Whites 12 - 16°C
Medium Reds 14 - 17°C
Full, Tannin Reds 15 - 18°C

Wine Storage Temperatures

12-14ºC with little to no variations. Too high of a temperature could mean premature aging of the wine. If too variable, then oxidation of the wine may occur. Humidity should be maintained at around 70% to prevent corks from drying and evaporation of the water within the wine. Vibrations should be kept in check too, as it disturbs the maturation process of the wine.  

Wine is best kept in darkness, as UV rays can trigger chemical reactions leading to undesirable tastes and textures.

Reds, whites, as well as champagne are all able to be stored at the same temperature.  


Tune in next week when we take a look at Wine Labels.

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