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So what exactly is wine?  Where is the best wine produced?  How much is produced yearly? How many types and styles are there?  How many grape varities are there? These are just some of the topics we will cover over the coming weeks in our online introduction to wine posts.

First we will start off with the easy ones:

What is Wine?

Wine is the product obtained from the total or partial alcohol fermentation of fresh grapes, or other types of fruits.  

How Much Wine is Produced and Where?

The worlds productions amounts to almost thirty million litres per year.  Three quarters of the amount is produced in Europe with Italy, France, Spain and the countries of the former Soviet Union being major contributors in terms of volume.  

Types of Wines?

There are four main types of wine, including:
Light Wine - The simplest type of wine, made all over the world.  The sugar in the grape is converted into alcohol, between 8% and 15% vol.

Liquer Wine
 - The level of alcohol is increased by adding brandy or other types of grape spirit (port or sherry).  Often referred to as a fortified wine.  

Sparking Wine
- Carbon Dioxide gas is trapped in the line before the bottle is sealed.  When the bottle is opened and drunk the bubbles of gas are released. 

Aromatized Wine - 
The wine is flavoured with herbs or spices.  For example, vermouth.
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Stay tuned for more Wine 101.

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