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The fairways at Morgan Creek Golf Course are the driest and purest in the area.  How can this be?

Our Extensive Drainage Program

Well, 7 years ago we underwent a two year program to install extensive drainage throughout our fairways, ensuring any excess moisture would quickly drain away into our ponds.  Each April and October we maintain the drainage system with our aeration and topdressing.  This helps rain water continue to find our drainage system.

What does this mean to the golfer? Obviously dryer turf underfoot, but it also helps to limit the possibility of disease damage and encourages speedy recovery/growth of divots.

What is Aeration?

Aeration or punching as many call it is a form of maintenance to a golf course. Aeration refers to the process of using mechanized equipment to remove cores of soil from the ground which allows air to get into the soil below. Why does this matter? Aeration is needed when the soil beneath the surface of the green becomes compacted and the grass roots struggle to breathe, without oxygen the grass will become weak and die overtime.

What happens next? A sand topdressing is put down overtop of the 'cores' which helps the soil retain the air space and makes it much easier for the roots to grow.

Sunny Surrey

Another reason our fairways are dryer than most golf courses is because South Surrey receives an overage of 65% LESS rain than Vancouver, according to the Weather Network.  As we look at it, that's more than 25% more Sunshine!


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