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As the summer continues to impress here in South Surrey, the golf season seems to have no end. It’s a great time to brush up on some fundamentals to keep you going strong into the fall. The biggest flaw that I see and the thing I correct most as a Professional Instructor is alignment.

Improper Golf Alignment

This is both the easiest thing to fix and easiest to get wrong and critically affect your ball flight. Improper alignment can lead you to believe that there is something wrong with your swing when in fact you might be swinging great! So, how do you fix your alignment?

Alignment Sticks

Fixing your Alignment

Let’s start with practice…I always use alignment sticks on the range, if you don’t have alignment sticks then clubs will work fine. Simply pick out a target to aim at and place a stick close to the ball for target line, then place a second stick along your toes for your body line (feet, knees, hips, shoulders, forearms and eyes). This second line should be parallel to the first stick for a square or straight set up. Because you will now practice from a controlled environment it will become easier to repeat this set-up without the sticks on the course.

Taking Your Skills to the Course!

Another nice way to take you range work to the course is by using an intermediate target. Start from behind the ball and find something on your target line a few feet in front of you (maybe a divot, leaf, stick, discoloration in the grass etc.) that you can line your club face up to. Step in to your set-up one foot at a time preferably back foot first then the front foot. You will find that as your alignment improves so to will the quality of contact.

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