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Don't Fear the Sand!

A friend requested a bunker lesson and I am happy to oblige. Bunker shots are unique to the game, as you’re not contacting the ball.

If you approach the sand as I do, I promise the bunkers will become a great place to get up and down from.

How to Achieve the Perfect Golf Shot

First, I survey the surroundings; the height of the lip, the texture of the sand (firm/soft), the distance to carry, the lie, etc. Then, I chose the right club…there is no rule that says you must use only the sand wedge from the trap. But, lets assume I have a sand wedge for this shot.

  • Pick a spot to land the ball.
  • Open the clubface to engage the bounce.
  • Open your stance to square the face to the target.
  • Pick a spot in the sand 2 inches behind the ball (closer for soft sand).
  • Then, the most important part and where I see the most mistakes. Hit that spot behind the ball HARD and finish the swing. Don’t leave the club in the sand. Imagine that you were tossing the sand on the green.

Practice The Golf Shot

Finally, get you feet in the sand and practice. Like anything, practice breeds confidence and both lead to great shots. Need more help with the sand or anything else in your game? See The Professionals at The Morgan Creek Teaching Academy.


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