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A question that is asked of me at least once a day is…“how do I hit it farther?” The answer is simple. Distance comes from a combination of club head speed and quality of contact.

I have 3 keys to power and distance that will amp up your biggest swings.


First is contact, if you don’t hit the ball in the middle of the face where all manufacturers design the most rebound then it won’t reach its distance potential. The second key ties to the first, balance! If you swing too hard and are off balance then your chance of getting back to the middle of the face at impact is greatly diminished.

My tip for this is to practice swinging the driver as hard as you can in balance…how will you know? When you can comfortably hold your finish like the pros then you’ve found your driver swing.


Finally, loosen your grip! Power does not come from tension. Loose muscles have potential to be fast muscles, and it starts with a relaxed grip pressure. This will allow you to properly create speed with your hands, arms and body.

Also…GET FIT! With all the combinations of shafts and heads, technology will get you extra yards…take the time to book a golf club fitting or ask one of our Professionals to help you find a driver to fits you best.

Need help with distance, or anything else in this great game? We would love to help! See the Professionals at Morgan Creek Teaching Academy for all your swing, play, think, and feel needs.

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