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By all accounts it is the most important part of the game and the single factor each week on any major tour that separates the winners from the rest of the field. Putting is truly an art form, and those that have that as a strong suit will always have the ability to score. Putting can make up 40% of your score and for the amount of time the putter is in your hands on course I recommend it takes up more of your practice time than smashing drivers. Because putting is so much more feel than most other aspects of the game it requires a lot of feel training. How do you train feel? Your feel is developed by a few factors: experience, repetition, focus, touch, vision, & imagination. Luckily all of these can be developed by practice and play.

Drills to Help you Develop Feel

Feel for speed

Take 5 balls and move about 30 feet from the edge of the green (fringe line) and try to get those 5 balls to roll as close to the fringe line as possible. It should give you a good sense of the speed of the greens for the day. Do this uphill and downhill.


Watch carefully at the moment the putter strikes the ball at how close to the center it hits. Try to grip the putter lightly and feel in your hands and listen to the sound the ball makes when you hit it in the middle vs. off-center hits.

One hand putts

Hit a series of putts with only one hand. Alternate hands and length of putts. When you get both hands back on, you will be surprised at how much better it feels and how much more control you have.

Pace to Drop

At about 10 feet away on a fairly flat putt hit 4 putts, 1. firm in the back of the cup, 2. die in the front edge, 3. drop in the left side, 4. drop in the right side. Repeat this over and over and your feel for speed and line will improve.

I hope this helps your putting, scores and overall fun!...Need any more help? Consult the Professionals at The Morgan Creek Teaching Academy for anything golf!

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