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How Can You Utilize Your FREE Lesson! 

Take the plunge this fall, learn something about the game and get an extra 20 minutes added to your Free Lesson! (Bonus Offer valid only with Leila)
If you’ve been a Players club member for a few years now, you may have been collecting those Free Lessons, not quite sure what to do with them. If you are busy like the rest of us and just want to use golf time to play I understand that maybe you are reluctant to use the lesson.
If you are a natural golfer who has never taken a lesson it can be daunting to think of someone giving you feedback on something that has worked for you for so long.

That’s where we try to show you that a lesson doesn’t always have to be about rebuilding a swing. You could use the 20 minutes to learn a new chip shot, learn how to read a green quickly and efficiently. Even work on a pre-shot routine so you can maintain your focus longer in a game, and feel comfortable standing over the ball. We have a state of the art Indoor Facility that lets us work on contact, club face or even just dial in your distances with some clubs. Golf is such a complex game that the possibilities of what we can help you with are endless!
So what does a Players Club lesson consist of? When I teach a Players Club Lesson I always use video. That way we can quickly discuss the skill you chose to work on, give you a few drills that you can do at home or even before you practice with an actual club. I then follow up by email sending you the video and the notes that we discussed so you have the tools to keep practicing. Lessons do not always have to be about technique. Let’s have a conversation and figure out what will actually help lower your scores!
I think it is very important that you get in as many repetitions as possible WITHOUT a club in your hand. It might be a medicine ball drill, or a stick drill, or even just practicing a body motion drill to better improve your overall body movement and flexibility.
This fall I am excited to offer an incentive for you to come out and use that lesson!! Starting immediately if you book your lesson in a non-peak time Monday- Friday (anytime outside 3-6pm) you will get a Bonus 20 minutes added to your lesson! That means you can use 40 minutes if you have one lesson on file. If you have two lessons you now have a FULL HOUR to use!

Use your imagination and let’s get you working on your game in the off season. You can have your game sharp and ready for the Spring!!
Please do not hesitate to contact me by email, phone or text to set up a lesson or with any questions you may have regarding lessons.
Leila Harman 778-239-2327
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3500 Morgan Creek Way, Surrey, B.C. V3Z 0J7