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When Can a Child Learn Golf?

I am constantly being asked by friends or clients, which is a good age for a child to try out golf. A great question, that does not have a short answer!

It really does depend on the focus level of the child and age. Lessons do not have to always be about perfecting a skill and they certainly do not need to be an hour long.

For a starter group lesson at Morgan Creek, we offer at Creekster Class that starts at age 5. This is a 45-minute class using special oversized equipment that helps the kids learn basic skills while having fun.

I would generally suggest that school age (a child who has attended Kindergarten) is probably the best age to introduce them to group lessons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t expose them to the game earlier in a one on one setting.
If someone asks me when is a good time to do private lessons I say any age from 4 on is fine depending on the child’s focus level. Lessons could be as short as 20 minutes if the child is new to golf and is only 4 years old. The focus in my lessons with younger children is to teach them how to practice and have fun with the game. Some basic skills such as grip and stance would be introduced, but children need the opportunity to try out different techniques that help them succeed.

I see my job with a younger child is to teach them how to behave at the course, teach them fun games that will help them improve their skills and give the parents a guideline of how they can bring their child to the course to practice on their own. We learn about the different parts of the course, the grass, and the etiquette ( for example no running on the green, or touching the edges of the cups).

Golf is an intimidating sport if you aren’t familiar with etiquette, even in the practice area. So bringing a child to hit balls or chip and putt might be even more daunting.

If you have a child that is a bit older then I think group atmospheres or even semi-private lessons with a friend is a great environment for them to learn some specific technique and have fun playing skill testing games with friends.
This summer we have some wonderful Camp options that will allow children of all ages to learn the game!! We have three-day camps that introduce the kids to basic skills and fun games.
We also have Full Day 5 Day Camps where the kids will focus more on skills, but most importantly get a chance to learn how to play the game by spending time on the golf course every day. We focus on learning how to score on the course and put kids in a situation that allows them to see improvement and succeed.
If you have a child or grandchild that is showing interest in the game, we hope you will consider us for your next After School Class or Camp!!
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