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You may have taken part in a golf tournament which was referred to as a “shotgun start”.  Many golfers have wondered why the term “shotgun” for a tournament!  In the December 2004 issue of Golf Digest it was reported that at a golf tournament in Walla Walla, WA in the month of May 1956 golfers were at their tee boxes waiting to start their round, the head professional at the time Mr. Jim Russell fired off a shotgun to sound the start of the tournament.

Since then there have been thousands of golf tournaments each year that are now referred to as a “shotgun.”  While most golf courses do not use a shotgun anymore to start the tournament, players have gotten use to the sound of air horns; however, at Morgan Creek Golf Course we reflect on the past and keep it original by using a CIL Model 402 shotgun to start all of our events, with blanks of course.

What are the Benefits of a Shotgun Tournament

So you may be asking yourself, why should we do a shotgun tournament?  First and foremost all of your players will be starting on different holes at the very same time.  The benefit of this is that everyone will complete the tournament at the same time and can celebrate the day together.  Whether you are hosting your customers, clients, and friends to a pre-tournament buffet or post-buffet everyone can enjoy each other’s company at the same time.  By having all the participants in the room at the same time you can celebrate and recognize your players with prizes for the longest drive, closest to the pin, lowest scores and even the most “honest” golfer or team.

But don’t overlook Tee Times for your Event!

There are many benefits to hosting your event by tee times.  The most recognized benefit is flexibility for your participants.  With shotgun start events all of your players will start at the same time, usually 8:00AM or 1:00PM, which requires all your participants to be here at the same time.  With tee times this allows some flexibility for players who cannot attend until earlier or later in the day, which can increase participation for your tournament.  A main benefit, especially at Morgan Creek Golf Course, is that our tee times have a 10 minute spread compared to an average of 7 minutes at most golf courses.  This helps increase the speed of play and decreases the amount of waiting on each hole, making your participant’s day more enjoyable.

Looking at booking a corporate or charity golf event?  Contact our golf events coordinator Erin H. Little today at 604-542-5322.

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