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After a stunning performance at Augusta, the game seems to be in the hands of some very young and talented superstars.  Most notability, Jordan Spieth has risen to the top of the world in seemingly no time. I, like many other thought that we’d never see a performance like Tiger in 97’, but Jordan has a complete game and displayed it on golf’s biggest stage.

Here’s where we can use him as a great example to improve our own games.  What is fascinating about Jordan is that he doesn't necessarily do any one thing amazingly...like Bubba who bombs it, or Rory who hits towering iron shots within inches of the flag, or Tiger who had mind control over the ball…Jordan does everything very well and has the most complete game on tour.  He drives it accurately and far enough, he controls his flight and shape with his approach shots, his short game is sound, and he makes the putts he needs to.

So, how do we use him as a model?


Take your game…find the elements of your game that are your weaknesses…it might be short putts, or hitting fairways of the tee, or bunker play, or hitting greens in regulation.  Whatever it is, identify it and make it the focus of your practice.  If you systematically eliminate the weakest parts of your game eventually you’ll run out of weaknesses.

Sounds easy? It is, but there’s a catch! To find out what they are you‘ll need to do 2 things that Jordan Spieth does: Play a lot of golf (duh!) and, keep your stats.  The first sounds easy but for many of us we have become fixated on the range as the place to improve your game.  Golf is a game that is played and the variety of shots and choices are limitless on the course, by playing a lot of golf you’ll experience more and be able to identify exactly your strengths and weaknesses.

The second part, which not many people do, is keep track of your statistics.  Some analytics will help confirm or deny your beliefs.  Simple pencil work on the scorecard like, fairways, greens, putts, sand saves, etc. can be helpful or many apps these days have detailed options to keep score and stats for consecutive rounds and provide the answers for you.

Either way you’ll have a better idea of what needs improvement and what you should talk to your coach about.  Be like Jordan, be complete, and understand what makes you great and what could be holding you back from reaching your goals.

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