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Our Apiary is Growing

We are pleased to announce that our apiary is growing! We have just finished installing a new hive on the golf course, and our original 2018 hive has made it through the winter. Our Assistant Superintendent, Sarah, and General Manager, Bryan checked the hive In mid march and found baby bees already which is a great sign!
Many apiaries around the lower mainland are reporting significant hive losses this year and we are lucky our hard working ladies made it through the winter and are already well on their way to producing this years' pollinators. We are excited to have two hives this year pollinating in and around the golf course!
Did you know, in winter, all the worker bees form a ball around the queen at the center of the hive to keep her warm! The workers all vibrate their wings and their bodies to generate up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the Queen in the center of the ‘bee ball’ to make sure she survives the winter.
Also, a summer worker bee only lives for around 24-28 days because they are foraging, pollinating and nursing baby bees. In the winter they conserve their energy and their only job is to keep the Queen warm so they live for 4-6 months!
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