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We are extremely excited as we are getting close to opening the Morgan Creek Performance Centre in the coming weeks! Featuring industry-leading technology for Coaching and Fitting for full-swing and putter in three separate Studios, it will most assuredly get the dedicated golfer excited as well!

The Fitting Bay presented by Callaway Golf will be highlighted by thousands of combinations of club heads and shafts and will feature a Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor complete with Simulator. This will allow the Player to see all club and ball flight data on the screen indoors in any weather, and then have the option to take a few steps onto the range to see the actual ball flight in person if desired. With multiple brands and the number of options available to test, the Player will definitely find the optimal clubs ideally suited to their game and swing here!

The Coaching Bay will house the Swing Catalyst 3D Balance Plate, measuring vertical, horizontal, and rotational forces created by the player, in conjunction with the Swing Catalyst system with three high-speed cameras, and Trackman radar Launch Monitor to provide the ultimate visual feedback and data to help every level of player improve.

The heated studios with 15-foot high ceilings and large roll-up doors, combined with the finest hitting turf, provide the Player with an amazing indoor hitting experience in any weather, year-round.
The Putting Studio offers two surfaces, one flat and true, ideal for technical data collection using the Quintic Ball Roll and Biomechanics System, a Swing Catalyst Balance Plate, and six high-speed cameras, and one contoured green to allow for feedback on breaking putts in a controlled environment.

The Morgan Creek Performance Golf Academy would like to thank the phenomenal construction team for their amazing work:

Bryan, Ken, and Ron for all of the design and construction on the building, Alan, Sarah, and their crew for the site preparation and landscaping, Marty for all of the turf installation, Aaron and the crew from Foresight for their help and insight throughout this process. Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks as we get closer to officially opening the doors!

-May, 2018

3500 Morgan Creek Way, Surrey, B.C. V3Z 0J7