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Beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery are two great excuses to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. In the Morgan Creek area, we have the added benefit of some of the best weather in the lower mainland! Outdoor weddings add the elements of adventure and nature to your special wedding moment. The quality and composition of your photos will be completely different, perhaps boasting radiant reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn, or the gorgeous pinks, purples, and blues of spring flowers.

Review the following considerations as you begin the fun planning phase for your outdoor wedding!

Consider the Seasons

Do you prefer a wild explosion of color, like springtime wildflowers? Are you more enamored of the brilliant fall foliage? Decide what kind of backdrop you'd prefer for your photographs, video, and general wedding memories.
Contemplate the scenery.

Many people dream of a picturesque wedding ceremony on the beach, in the countryside, near a waterfall, or in a manicured wedding garden. Put your head together with your significant other and decide which romantic outdoor venue best suits your relationship.

Choose your Dates Wisely

Avoid rainy season if possible, but realize that Mother Nature can change her mind at any given time. June through September are generally the months when the weather is most conducive to an outdoor wedding ceremony.
Decide on the level of formality.

Will the smallest detail of your special day be extravagant and elegant? Do you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere? Once you figure out your preferences in formality, you can decide on the style of service. Both buffet meals and plated meals are an excellent option for an evening wedding reception. A brunch or cocktail reception may be more appropriate for an mid-day or late afternoon reception.

Plan Ahead

Have a backup plan for the ceremony, just in case the weather is uncooperative. Perhaps you need to rent an outdoor canopy or plan in advance to move the ceremony to an indoor location, preferably at the same location.

Play Up Nature

Bring more floral arrangements into the gathering area to give off a fragrant aroma. Consider the existing elements of nature at the site, and find ways to enhance the natural beauty.

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