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Have you ever played with a friend who takes a large divot out of the ground and does nothing about it?  Have you ever walked by your ball mark and done nothing about it?  Or get frustrated when you go to putt and someone else's ball mark gets in the way of your putt.  We know, it's frustrating, it's probably almost as frustrating as pace of play.

Fixing your ball mark and even one or two others only takes seconds and helps us (or other courses) keep in the shape that you expect of them.  Don't get us wrong, we have professional staff that are out on the course doing their part in replacing divots and fixing ball marks, but for the groups behind you in play - They will THANK you.  Below are some general rules of thumb when it comes to fixing those ball marks and replacing your divots.

Fixing your Ball Mark on the Green:

Step 1: Take your ball mark repair tool and insert the prongs into the turf at the edge of the depression. (Don't forget to pick up your complimentary tool from the starter before you play.)
Step 2: Push the edge of the ball mark toward the center, using your ball mark repair tool in a "gentle twisting motion
Step 3: Smooth the surface with a club or your foot.  You're done when it's flat and a surface YOU would putt over.

Proper Way to Repair a Ball Mark GCSAA 

Fixing your Divots in the Fairway:

This is where you are going to find the most divots on the golf course.  Each and every one of our power carts as well as all of our rental pull carts include a sand and seed bottles to assist in the repair of your divots.  The best action to take is finding the piece of grass you just took out of the ground and put it back in the divot.  Then you will need to place some sand over the top of the divot and press down with your shoe to secure it in place.  ONE thing to be cautious of is to ensure that the piece of grass and sand is level with the rest of the playing surface.  You do not want a mound left on the golf course as this dulls the blades of the mowers.

If you cannot locate the piece of grass, just fill the divot with sand and again level it out with playing surface.

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