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Callaway has really stepped up to the plate with their ‘B’ series driver.  “Outrageous Ball Speed. Explosive Distance,” that’s a pretty bold statement considering the competition.   According to the Callaway engineering department, they have managed to achieve a 13 yard gain compared to last years’ RAZR X Black driver.   Each year we see new advancements in technology which is giving the golfer lighter weight clubs to increase swing speeds and of course what we are all looking for more distance.

X Hot Driver Face and Crown

x hot driver

Callaway X Hot DriverThe Callaway X Hot Driver has a titanium face with an updated design from its predecessor, offering a thinner face around the perimeter to thicker in the middle of the club face.  This is where they get their ‘Explosive Speed’ from.  This redesign maximizes the sweet spot on the face and helps to maintain the ball speed on off-centre hits.  They have also welded the face to the frame of the body which reduces the weight of the club and allows for an increase in swing speed.  Callaway has moved away from the traditional black crown making the Callaway X Hot driver crown a dark grey matte finish with no alignment markings, making for a clean and sleek look.

optifit technology

X Hot Driver Opti-Fit Technology

Callaway opti-fit x hot DriverUnlike the RAZR Fit Xtreme, the Callaway X Hot driver does not come with the adjustable weights, but they have included the Opti-fit technology (adjustable hosel) to this line up.  At neutral setting the Callaway X Hot driver is set up to have a square face angle.  Based on the available adjustability within the hosel you can adjust your driver to either open or closed.  By setting your driver in the open position (2.5 degrees) you will decrease your loft by 1 degree and setting your club in the closed position (1.5 degrees) will increase your loft by 1 degree.

Loft and Shaft Options

The Callaway X Hot Driver is available in four different lofts; 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 and 13.5 degrees with a 460cc head.  The standard length of the driver is 46 inches and will come stock with a Project X Velocity shaft.  The shaft is available in light, regular and stiff flexes.  If you choose to go with the Callaway X Hot Pro it is available in 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degree lofts with a 440cc head and a shorter shaft length of 45.75 inches.

Project X Shaft

Release date of the Callaway X Hot Driver is January 25th with a price point of $339. Did we mention these are our new rentals?  Each year we are outfitted with 40 brand new Callaway Rental Sets for you take on the course for a test drive.  Looking to purchase make sure to get a custom fitting at Morgan Creek Golf Course.  Visit us online or stop by the golf shop today.

project x shaft

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