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Coach Brett Saunders Heads to China

Recently I made a trip to Beijing, China to not only coach but to spend some time with a past student and good friend, Rafael Lee (Raffy). I began coaching Brazilian born Korean, Raffy in Vancouver 20 years ago when he was 10 years old and continued to coach him for the next 15 years as he competed throughout Junior, Amateur and Professional Events worldwide.

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When Can a Child Learn Golf?

I am constantly being asked by friends or clients, which is a good age for a child to try out golf. A great question, that does not have a short answer!

It really does depend on the focus level of the child and age. Lessons do not have to always be about perfecting a skill and they certainly do not need to be an hour long.

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5 Steps to the Perfect Putter Fitting

Whether you’re more into the latest technology in golf and want to dive deep into the science of putting and number-crunching all of the data,
Or more into the art of putting, an old-school, feel player, that wants to test a bunch of different putter models to see how different toe-hangs, hosel configurations, and head and shaft weights perform, and how the new face materials sound, feel, and roll to affect your distance control;

12th Hole at Augusta

This month I wanted to dissect the 12th hole, aka Golden Bell, at Augusta National. About a month ago, we watched the best players in the world make some big numbers on a 155-yard par 3. In fact, it played as the hardest hole in the final round with a scoring average of 3.34. What makes 12 at Augusta so difficult?

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Learn How to Score Better with Leila

A lot of the time people are hesitant to take a golf lesson because they think they will have to learn how to swing the club again. Lessons don’t have to be about technique. In fact I wish I could go see every one of my students play a few holes before we have our first lesson.

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