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Girls in Golf with Leila Harman

April is an amazing month for the game of golf. The weather starts to really warm up, flowers bloom, days get longer and everyone gets excited to hit the links.

Gear Effect with a Driver

It has been just over a year since I started coaching at Morgan Creek and one little thing has surprised me a lot: gear effect, also known as impact location. Essentially, gear effect is when you hit the ball on the face and it spins towards the centre of gravity. For example, a toe strike would most likely result in the club opening up, the ball actually rolling towards the centre of gravity at impact and curving more to the left (for a right-handed golfer) than your swing would indicate. Here’s an example of one of my swings that I hit off the toe.

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Verrado Golf Club located in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona has been the home for our US Based Training since 2005 and once again was our host for the 2019 Spring Training & Performance Camp.

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We are pleased to announce that our apiary is growing! We have just finished installing a new hive on the golf course, and our original 2018 hive has made it through the winter. Our Assistant Superintendent, Sarah, and General Manager, Bryan checked the hive In mid march and found baby bees already which is a great sign!

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Entering 2019 we are seeing couples steer away from the traditional cocktail hour full of hors d'oeuvre passing waiters and heading towards grazing tables and interactive food stations for their guests to enjoy.

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